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Brake Products Designed Specifically for Police Fleets

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Modern Brake Systems do more than just stop your vehicle. Multitudes of vehicle safety features such as traction and stability control are electronically integrated with the braking system, making the need for application specific friction products greater than ever. One brand of brake friction has the quality and technology built in, to keep the vehicles on the road operating safely and efficiently - Raybestos� brand friction.

Police and Public Service Vehicle� (PPSV) Brake Testing

A new testing criteria targeted at public service fleets, specifically police fleets.� D3EA� PPSV� uses a dual dynamometer (front and rear together) testing procedure which replicates the aforementioned procedure and compares the friction results in regards to:

� Wear

� Heat Dissipation

� Effectiveness

� Brake Fade�High-Speed performance

This product has been tested by Greening Labs to the more rigorous D3EA PPSV criteria, Patterned after the well-known LA County PD and MI SP tests, this Certification is the only objective, completely independent validation process for replacement brake friction materials. �"Speed Rated" PPSV products have been subjected to the high speed performance requirements of FMVSS 135. Replacement brake parts bearing the "Speed Rated" PPSV seal have met stringent, objective requirements for effectiveness, fluid displacement and service brake pedal gain (pedal force and pedal travel) while being exposed to elevated operating temperatures

�"Speed-Rated" assures safe, confident, high-speed braking

�More durable than standard Professional Grade and competitive "severe duty" pads

�No other laboratory-based process provides this level of confirmation

�If a brake pad fails PPSV Certification testing, it is not offered in the program

�Specifically manufactured for police fleet applications

�In addition, we test in fleets around the US, more than 1,000,000 miles to date, to ensure we have the best possible Police brake products

Each year Raybestos test�their Police brakes in Real World conditions at the Ingham County, Michigan Sheriffs Dept. Driving Training School, held at MIS.

Affinia BPI uses SAE J2430 & J2784, LAPD dynamometer procedures and D3EA PPSV Speed-Rated test criteria for Industry compliance in evaluating brake pad friction formulations for performance.

  • Brake pads are chamfered and slotted like original equipment.
  • Silicone lubricant and brake hardware are included.
  • All pursuit vehicle applications are included.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Distinctive logo to differentiate this special product:

Most RAYBESTOS ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY Patrol/Pursuit Brake Pads use the Nucap� Retention Systems (NRS) attachment method. This method of attachment is six times better than integrally molded attachment at keeping the friction material where it belongs.


Raybestos Brand Police Rotors

The police rotor is an evolving generation product in our highly successful Advanced Technology family. The Raybestos� brand has engineered specific metallurgy advances into the Police rotor that has raised the level of performance and expectation needed to support successful law enforcement operation. Braking requirements are complicated on police vehicles. Equipment, safety and performance demands heighten the need for dependability. No other rotor available to Law Enforcement can match our Quiet on Arrival Police rotor.

  • Proprietary damped iron
  • Special Polymer CoatingPolice Rotor cutaway
  • improved metallurgy
  • more metal mass
  • unique European vane configuration for:
    • better cooling
    • less brake fade
    • less vibration
    • smoother braking
    • longer life
    • Autobahn tested
    • "Quit On Arrival"

Raybestos Brand Police Loaded Calipers

Produced with specialized high-temperature silicone, Raybestos Advanced Technology Police loaded calipers are built to satisfy every braking situation, including high-speed pursuits. Loaded with premium Raybestos brand Police disc brake pads, our calipers deliver reliable performance officers can depend on day after day.

  • High-temperature silicone boot prevents overheating and melting
  • Silicone withstands twice the temperature of normal EPDM rubber boot for twice the time
  • Pre-lubrication of critical components with high-temperature synthetic lubricant
  • Remanufactured with new bleeder screws, mounting bolts, sleeves and copper washers
  • New phenolic pistons (where OE is phenolic) and mounting brackets (where applicable)
  • QOA technology ensures quiet arrival on scene

The high-temperature silicone dust boot in every Raybestos Police-Pursuit Loaded Caliper can withstand twice the temperature of a normal EPDM rubber boot, up to��� 600� F for a sustained period of time.

Temp Graph

Please see brochures to the left for more information.��If you have any questions on the police product, please feel free to�give us a call anytime.� (800) 914-3334.

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