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Raybestos Brake Products

Brake Products Designed Specifically for Municipal Fleets

Modern Brake Systems do more than just stop your vehicle. Multitudes of vehicle safety features such as traction and stability control are electronically integrated with the braking system, making the need for application specific friction products greater than ever. One brand of brake friction has the quality and technology built in, to keep the vehicles on the road operating safely and efficiently - Raybestos® brand friction.

Attempting to match OE is where most manufacturers end. With Raybestos® brand disc brake pads and brake shoes. . . that's just the beginning. Each set of brake pads and shoes must pass stringent safety and performance validation processes before earning the Raybestos® brand friction name.

  • Systematic Testing
    In-house R&D analysis and on-road performance and traffic assessment
  • Ongoing Validation
    Daily production auditing and monthly product sampling
  • Meeting or Exceeding the OE Standards for Excellence
    ISO/TS 16949-2002 Certification of Accreditation has been earned for every Raybestos® brand friction manufacturing facility.

Your customers moving safely down the road and you moving smoothly through your shop: no other brand of friction can guarantee a higher level of professional confidence.

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