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The Great White

LTE MIMO Antenna

Available in both white and black

Low Profile MIMO Antenna with GPS


Rugged low profile design

2x Wideband LTE/Cellular elements

2x 2.4 & 4.9-6GHz Wifi / WiMAX Elements

Integrated GPS antenna

The Panorama LGMM low profile MIMO antenna range has been designed to support the new generation of vehicular LTE routers.

The antenna enclosure contains five isolated high performance antenna elements; two -ultra-wideband elements covering 698-2700MHz support MiMo / diversity at cellular / LTE frequencies and two duel band elements covering 2.3-2.7 & 4.9-6GHz support MiMo / diversity operations for WiFi and WiMAX. The LGMM also contains a high performance GPS antenna with an integrated 26dB gain LNA and high quality filtering to combat noise.

The antennas do not require a metalic ground plane and maintain a high level of performance even when mounted on non-metallic surfaces.

Heavy Duty Multifunction Antenna


Four elements in one sleek housing

GPS and dual WLAN/wImax in one antenna

Wireless N MiMo

2x 2.4 & 4.9-6GHz Wifi / WiMAX Elements

Integrated GPS antenna

The GPSB series antenna provides for multiple RF technologies within one antenna housing. Requiring only a single hole fixing, the GPSB reduces vehicle damage, cost of installation and visual impact.

The OEM shark fin style design provides multiple antenna functions while remaining discrete.

The GPSB is suitable for public safety (overt and discrete) and transportation applications, where a cost effective and efficient antenna is essential to the system.

GPS Combination Antenna


Excellent performance

Active GPS element

Single hole fixing

2x 2.4 & 4.9-6GHz Wifi / WiMAX Elements

Integrated GPS antenna

The GPSF is a dual function, compact ‘fin’ style antenna offering a range of frequencies along with an active GPS element, all within one housing. The antenna only requires a single hole for mounting and is installed on the roof of a vehicle. The combination of a low profile design and multifunctionality that the fin offers makes it an ideal choice for logistics and fleet vehicles.

GPS Combination Antenna


Excellent performance

Active GPS element

2x 2.4 & 4.9-6GHz Wifi / WiMAX Elements

Integrated GPS antenna

The GPSK antenna range is a dual function, high performance mobile antenna with an active GPS element.

The GPSK range covers frequencies from 139MHz to 2.4GHz, with a detachable whip depending on the equipment requirements. With the ability to mount on a roof up to 0.2” thick using only a single 0.6” hole. The dual functionality of the Panorama GPSK range makes the antenna a popular choice for public safety and utility applications.

The GPSC-C3G offers GPS and cellular coverage in a small, and discrete device. Mounting is totally flexible with a unique ‘either way up’ mounting system enabling easy positioning of the antenna under or on any surface.

Multi Function Low Profile Antenna



Single housing

Multiple frequencies

Ruged Design

2x 2.4 & 4.9-6GHz Wifi / WiMAX Elements

Integrated GPS antenna

Panorama low profile antennas are designed to withstand high impact while maintaining functionality. They are perfect for Police vehicles that may require a discreet and vandal proof solution.

The modular construction of the LG range means that only the required frequencies and elements will be used, making the LG range as broad or specific as you require. GPS elements can be also added, depending on the requirements of the customer.

The multiple frequencies available with the LG range are perfect for buses and public services that require many different technologies to be on board as well as a low profile design for low clearance applications.

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