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The M8U

Low Inventory
High Flexability
Easy Migration path to new technologies
The Whip Mounting Accessories
Rigid or Flexible Standard Mount
With multiple whips at VHF & UHF frequencies there is
The standard mount is the default base which is
a choice between rigid and flexible whips depending on supplied with our modular whips.
Stainless Steel A Hinge Mount
Panorama uses tough 17-7 PH grade material for our A durable brass hinge finished in black chrome. The
stainless steel whips because of its corrosion resistant hinge can allow the whip to be positioned vertically
properties and high performance attributes. whatever the angle of the surface. It is also useful in low
clearance situations.
Shock Mount
The modular interchangeable system enables the The shock mount accessory ensures that the whip
installer to change the radiating whip instead of does not get damaged when hit by low objects.
the whole installation.
EWRA Compliant Car Wash Removable
The whole modular system including the cable is
Each base can be removed when the vehicle needs to
Electronic Waste Recycling Act (EWRA) and RoHS go through a car wash.
Fast Installation
Hex Key
The Panorama modular system is a fast, easy and A complimentary disposable hex key is supplied with all
reliable solution. The M8U base will save you modular mounts to ensure that installation is swift and
money with perfect installations every time. effective
Base External Cap Washer & Grounding Bracket
Lock Screw
Watertight Seal
The locking screw ensures that once the base is The UV light stabilised neoprene sealing gasket
installed the cap cannot be undone. makes a long lasting watertight seal preventing
moisture from entering the vehicle.
Small Footprint
The M8U base has a small footprint so it does not
½” hole or ¾” hole
take up much space on the vehicle’s roof. The sealing gasket can cater to different hole
sizes. When mounting from outside the vehicle
Tough & Durable a ¾” hole is needed. The shape of the washer
The nylon moulding is UV stabilized and can
ensures central location enabling a perfect
withstand temperatures of 175°F to -40°F. This installation every time.
results in a tough long lasting durable product.
Internal or External Installation Adaptable to Curved Surfaces
When access to the headliner is restrictive the
Each vehicle has installation limitations and
M8U base can be installed from outside using the sometimes space can be at a premium. The
installation tool provided. Alternatively it can be soft ring and narrow profile enables the M8U
mounted from the inside the traditional way. base to be installed on curved surfaces and
still be water tight.
Earthing Teeth
The M8U base integrates stainless steel earthing
teeth that ensure a secure long term installation
and excellent electrical contact.
Cable & Connectors
Over Moulded Assembly
FME Connector
The M8U base is completely over With the connector crimped in the
moulded so there is nowhere for factory there is no risk of a bad crimp
moisture to collect and cause corrosion. on site. The FME connector is also designed to
be similar thickness to the cable so it can be
easily routed to the terminal.
High Quality Cable Adaptors
The high quality proprietary cable
Whatever the connector you have
used by Panorama out performs on your terminal, we have an adaptor
standard RG58 at UHF frequencies and for it. This reduces the amount of badly
higher ensuring that RF losses are kept to a crimped cables and re-installations required.
minimum. The stranded centre conductor
and flexible dielectric prevents fracture and
deforming during installation.
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