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Fleet Brake Specialists

ROK Brothers Line Card

Raybestos Brake Products

Police Patrol/Pursuit Products

Advanced Technology Police Friction
Advanced Technology Police Rotors
Advanced Technology Police Loaded Calipers

Brake Pads

Advanced Technology Ceramic
Advanced Technology Severe Duty
Professional Grade Ceramic
Professional Grade Semi-Metallic
Professional Grade NAO
Service Grade Ceramic
Service Grade Semi-Metallic
Service Grade NAO

Rotors & Drums

Advanced Technology Slotted & Drilled Rotors
Advanced Technology Premium Rotors & Drums
Professional Grade Rotors & Drums

Shoes (no core)

Professional Grade Shoes
Parking Brake Shoes

Hardware & Hydraulics

Brake Hardware
Caliper Rebuild Kits
New Master Cylinders
New Wheel Cylinders
New Clutch Master Cylinders
New Clutch Slave Cylinders
Brake Hoses
Brake Cable Assemblies
Electronic Wear Sensors
Brake Shims

Remanufactured Calipers

Friction Ready Semi-Loaded

Hub Bearing Assemblies

Electric Trailer Brakes

ABS Sensors & Parts

Tools, Equipment & Chemicals

Pressure Bleeders
Vacuum Bleeders
Phoenix Injectors
Bench Bleeders
Pressure Tester
Electronic Brake Fluid Tester
ABS Bleeder
Digital Rotor & Drum Micrometers
Brake Washer
Torque Stick Sets
GM Universal Backing Plates
550 degree DOT3 Brake Fluid
Standard DOT3 Brake Fluid
DOT4 & 5 Brake Fluid
Brake Grease

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Rotors & Drums

Extreme Service Rotors
Premium Rotors & Drums
GL Economy Rotors & Drums


HD Friction

Integrablok Friction
CMT22A Transit friction
CMT22A1 Transit friction
CMT20 Severe Duty Transit friction
Strip sets

Spicer and McQuay Norris

Chassis Parts

Advanced Technology (Severe Duty) Chassis Parts
Professional Grade Chassis Parts
Severice Grade Chassis Parts
Ball Joints
Tie Rod Ends
Center & Drag Links
Idler & Pittman Arms
Control Arm & Spring Bushings
Sway-Bar Bushings & Kits
Heavy Duty Sway Bar Kits & Bushings
Steering Rack Bellows & Bushings
King Pin Sets
Coil Springs

Strut Mounts

Strut Mount Assemblies
Super Kits

Universal Joints

Hi-Performance U-Joints
Standard U-Joints
Coated U-Joints
Center Supports

CV Products

Boot Kits

Alignment Aids

All types
Specialty Alignment Tools

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