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Raybestos® Specialty Friction™

Raybestos® Specialty Friction

5 New Specialty Friction Lines custom made for your particular application. Click the link for more details.

European * Police * Truck / Medium Duty * School Bus * Taxi

Raybestos® Element3 - Enhanced Hybrid Technology

Raybestos® Element3 - Enhanced Hybrid Technology

Gain a new level of control and confidence with Element3TMbrake pads with Enhanced Hybrid Technology (EHTTM). The world’s first brake pad to deliver the best attributes of ceramic and semi-metallic all in one pad. Element3 supports optimal performance, improves pad wear and durability, and increases stopping power during aggressive braking.

Raybestos® Advanced Technology™ Grade

Raybestos® Advanced Technology™ Grade

Produced with our finest ceramic and semi-metallic formulations, Advanced TechnologyTM brake pads deliver industry leading performance, without the noise and wheel dusting. Developed for demanding applications or simply for those who want the best, a wide range of coverage ensures that whether you’re upgrading an import tuner vehicle or servicing
a hard working fleet, Raybestos® brand Advanced TechnologyTM brake pads have what you need.

Raybestos® Professional Grade™

Raybestos® Professional Grade™ OE Match

“OE or Better” materials and construction, premium performance for everyday driving conditions. You can count on Professional Grade™ for industry leading coverage, outpacing the competition with First-to-Market, late model applications.

Raybestos® Reliant™

Raybestos® Reliant Friction Mid-Grade Friction Line

“ Reliant™, Reliable Stopping Power is a new line of brake pads offering reliable stopping power and broad coverage for cards, vans, SUVs and light trucks.

Raybestos® Service Grade™

Raybestos® Service Grade™

Raybestos safety, reliability, and value. Service Grade™ has all of that and wide application coverage, providing quality replacement parts on a budget.

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