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Covert Antenna

Internal On-Glass Antenna




Covert application

No hole application

Can be removed without a trace


The EF "easy fit" antenna range are efficient, versatile, compact and covert.

The EF antenna range are extremely low profile, with a flexible body for installation on uneven surfaces, allowing huge versatility for the installer. The antenna comes complete with a secure industry grade adhesive pad, making installation quick and simple. The antenna can also be removed without any damage to the install site.

Covert Antenna

Covert Vehicle Dipole Antenna



Dipole construction

Covert bumper mounting

Flexible wire elements

This discrete vehicle dipole antenna is specifically designed for covert installations. With fully flexible dipole wire elements, installation is easy and versatile for applications where a completely covert antenna is required.

This specialist antenna is supplied uncut and should be tuned to the required band when fitted simply by cutting down the radiating elements, ensuring that a good VSWR match can be achieved.

Two antennas can even be used with a power divider to maximise coverage.

Low Profile Antenna

Rugged low profile design

Excellent bandwidth

The Panorama LPB low profile antenna range has been designed to perform under extreme pressure. At only 82mm (3.22) high and protected by a robust high impact radome the antenna is almost impervious to daily wear, tear and impact.

The LPB offers excellent performance across a wide bandwidth. Mounted on a 400 x 400mm groundplane the LPB covers public safety / LTE frequencies across 700 and 800MHz as well as all global cellular frequencies from 698-960 MHz and 1710-2700MHz making it an extremely versatile product.

Supplied with a convenient adhesive pad and a short pigtail for connection to a cable extension run the antenna is cost effective to install and adaptable to any environment.

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