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Fleet Brake Specialists

Raybestos Part #

Interchange Part #


Specialy brakes for European Applications

• Best formulations for the application including semi-metallic, ceramic and low-metallic

• R90 Certified on most numbers

– European Safety Certification

– R90 Certification designed to meet European standards for high speed operation
– This is a stringent on vehicle test
– In the US the FMVSS testing applies to original/new car sales but there is no regulation for replacement product
– R90 certification ensures that this product will meet stringent safety standard for high performance operation as required in Europe
– In Europe, ALL friction product sold in the replacement market must have this certification
– If a product does not have this certification, it CANNOT be sold in most of Europe
• High performance materials
• Excellent pedal feel
• Hardware will include abutment clips and some with mounting bolts if included in OE

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